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Transition Your

Career & Spaces 



You Can Become

an Interior Designer

If you recognize these celebrities, you can easily claim your  own Interior Designer "Fame"

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You you can tackle the transition

Take a Peek

at Interiors

of the Near Future

There's lots of enJOYable creative work to be done.

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As you take the

Course, you'll be

Redesigning your

own home

If you've been on the edge about revitalizing your career as well as your living space, jumping off with Joy will ignite a remarkable experience.

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My excitement for interior design stems from my training and education at Parsons School of Design, in NYC, coupled with a life-long passion for interiors, architecture and of course, creativity. My passion for interior design has led me to create "Spaces" - empowering me to share my enthusiasm through teaching and helping people discover their own talents that lie within them. I consider design as a “gift” and am grateful I can offer help and make a positive change in a way that will enhance and harmonize the way you live in a space.

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Some Details

Designing a home and workspace can be quite the challenge. Have you ever been overwhelmed by a sea of paint chips at your local paint stores? Or have you been wandering aimlessly through furniture stores? Opening your HOUZZ or Pinterest accounts, just sighing? We provide full services with the following options:

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NextGen Design Academy’s course consists of 10 comprehensive, in-depth modules that range from 80-120 pages per module, coupled with corresponding, creative and interactive assignments for each module as well as designing the rooms for our storybook family, Kathy and Robert Peterson, which will then become part of your Professional Design Portfolio.

Each Module is designed to build upon one another as you begin to develop your creativity, critical thinking, and demonstrate your skills to give you the continued confidence as you move through this course.

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