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Joy Nan Rodia Your  Distinctive Interior Design Instructor


You Can Become

an Interior Designer

Joy's remarkable Interior Designer techniques can be taught to you ON-LINE. Imagine a life where you love what you do, that embraces your passions & others.

This OfCourse Symbol shows how multiple colors can be used to create consistency.


You can tackle redesigning a room in your home, as you become an outstanding Interior Designer.


You've got the talent.

It's time to embrace It.

Your home is your sanctuary; the place you unravel, rebuild, live, love and learn. Make it worthy, as you satisfy that inner sense of what you want to accomplish in life ... becoming a heavily sought after Interior Designer by OfCourse Interior Design Academy NJ.


Your Passion

Take a Peek

at Interiors

of the Near Future

There's lots of enJOYable creative work to come.

Joy's remarkable Interior Designer techniques can be taught to you, ON-LINE and is very affordably. Have fun heading toward the future. Taste has nothing to do with wealth. It's quality over quantity. Less expensive can cost you more in the long run.

Joy Nan Rodia Interior Design Courses NJ.jpg

As you take the

Course, you'll be

redesigning your

own home.

If you've been on the edge about revitalizing your career, as well as your living space, jumping off with Joy will ignite a sensational experience.  Let go of everything that isn’t serving you to make room for the people, patterns and possessions that do. 

This is the neutral shade in the Square Shaped branded series.


Joy Nan Rodia's OfCourse Interior Design Academy consists of 10 comprehensive, in-depth modules that range from 80-120 pages per module, coupled with corresponding, creative and interactive assignments for each module. .

Each Module is designed to build upon one another as you begin to develop your creativity, critical thinking, and demonstrate your skills to give you the continued confidence as you move through this course.


You won't just be

an Interior Designer,

you'll become an in

demand Master.

OfCourse Interior Design Academy is a Wellness Focused Interior Design Training Program Morristown NJ. Become an Interior Designer in 6 months or less with an Expert Interior Design Education.
OfCourse Interior Design Academy is a Wellness Focused Interior Design Training Program that will have you designing rooms befitting of an Architectual Digest Ad.
The OfCourse Interior Design Training Program is Holistic and Progressive

Pay attention to what attracts you, sparks your senses, and makes your heart skip a beat. Passion ignited is at the heart of living well. 


You can become a Interior Designer



It will be worth it


You can afford the time & small fee


This is the COURSE to take

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